Competite Event Consulting and Materials

Tired of recycled motion cards and bad questions in your state or local contest?

Al Gage, PRP, PAP, LP will write your state or local district cards including the test, oral questions, motion cards and team problem solving using Dunbar’s Manual of Test Question’s, Oral Questions, and the new Challenge Oral Questions which he is authorized to utilize. As an unaffiliated third party, he can write your contest free from trending and confidentiality guaranteed.  All materials are proofed by a team of Registered Parliamentarians.  If your state has a different format some adjustments can be made.  Other services provided by Al Gage include

  • Judging (judged at the National, State, District and Local Levels.
  • Team Consulting ( coached a National winning and a 4th place team)
  • Opinion Writing
  • Bylaw Consultant (especially familiar with FFA Chapters, Alumni and Fairs and Fair Boards
  • Convention Parliamentarian
  • Professional Presider
  • Parliamentary Training and Workshops for students, educators and school boards.

As a source for materials, all materials I use when training teams are the materials from the Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center.  Al Gage has reviewed, edited, and co-authored some of these materials.  The vast majority were developed by Shane D. Dunbar, MEd, PRP, PAP, LP, owner of the PPIMC.  His materials can be accessed through his website at PPIMC.

For further information and an estimate of cost, contact



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